The aim of the project is to gain environmental benefits by improving pollinator conservation, by creating a virtuous circuit that leads to a progressive change in practices across the Mediterranean region. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the project has set a number of more specific objectives that foster education and dissemination, the implementation of citizen science approaches, and improved environmental governance.






LIFE4POLLINATORS includes the development of the following actions:

  • Development of Common Protocols: field guide; Plant/Insect ID cards; Handbooks and code of conducts for each target audience/stakeholders
  • General Public Involvement: EU web campaign through social networking (development of social network profiles); Expert-assisted citizen science activities in NATURA2000 sites; Creating a pollinator-garden and native bee-plants nursery in strategic places; Developing/distributing animation videos
  • Stakeholders Involvement: Park officers and local administrators training; Training on pollinator-garden creation and to gardeners; Information events for farmers on CAP greening measures, non-chemical farming, pollinator- friendly management; Involvement of young agronomists
  • Environmental education programme: Citizen science project for schools
  • Creating a pollinator-gardens
  • Data collection from citizen participation
  • Pilot project in Emilia Romagna