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On October 23rd and 30th our colleagues from IMEDEA (Balearic island, Spain) held an environmental education and training workshop in the eco-orchards of the University of Balearic Islands. The workshop was held in collaboration with an Eco- didactic project which aims to train future teacher students on how to integrate environmental education pedagogies related to the conservation of pollinating insects.

On the 28th of October Rafel Beltrán from IMEDEA (Balearic Islands, SPAIN) participated in a talk aimed at farmers and beekeepers. In Europe, 87% of agricultural crops depend on pollinators and the economic value represented by the pollination ecosystem service is estimated at € 22 billion. Eliminating the use of pesticides and adopting agroecological techniques that increase the biodiversity of entomofauna in agroecosystems is essential to stop the decline of pollinators and the loss of biodiversity.

On the 17th of October Marta Galloni head of LIFE 4 Pollinators was able to present our LIFE project to the participants of API Pista at the Centro 2 Agosto 1980 - Orti Saragozza in Bologna.
Take a look at the lovely pictures from this event on our Facebook channel. LIFE 4 Pollinators will support and contribute to this great project API Pista in Bologna.

Wild pollinators are the core of our ecosystems. It is estimated that 84% of EU crop species and 78% of wildflowers rely on insect pollination. Land-use change, intensive agricultural management, pesticide use, environmental pollution, invasive alien species, pathogens and climate change are causing dramatical reduction of wild pollinators.

Photo by Laura Bortolotti