The aim of the LIFE 4 POLLINATORS project is to improve pollinator conservation by creating a virtuous circle leading to a progressive change in practices across the Mediterranean region.

LIFE 4 POLLINATORS actions have been developed to:

Improve information and knowledge on NATIVE WILD POLLINATORS and ENTOMOPHILOUS PLANTS (i.e. pollinated by insects).

Promote pesticide-free agriculture and pollinator-friendly practices in rural and urban environments.

Increase the abundance of pollinators promoting pollinator corridors, specific green infrastructures.

Stimulate change in behaviours of key stakeholders in order to improve the conservation of NATIVE WILD POLLINATORS and ENTOMOPHILOUS PLANTS.

Promote pollinator friendly governance, transferring data to the relevant authorities and stimulating the development of Pollinator Strategies or Action Plan in Italy, Greece and Spain..

Improve citizens and key stakeholders awareness on the decline of wild pollinators and the importance of pollination services for the maintenance, functioning and health of natural ecosystems and agroecosystems.