Each of us can help to preserve and protect pollinating insects. Every citizen can get involved by placing flowers in their balcony or terrace, but this is not enough to save pollinators! Municipalities, farmers and all those who manage green areas play a key role in the conservation of bees, butterflies, hoverflies, wasps and beetles. Thus they should become 'Pollinator-friendly'!
Life4Pollinators has developed guidelines with description of pollinators, their threats and the specific best practices for the management of pollinator friendly urban green areas and agro-ecosystems.  The qualification of "Pollinator-friendly'" is intended to enhance and recognise the commitment of virtuous municipalities, farms, schools and associations, in order to increase the biodiversity and create a network for its protection!


  •  ARE YOU A MUNICIPALITY? LIFE4Pollinators has prepared a declaration: sign it and adopt it to help pollinators. By doing this, cities can increase the availability of habitats for wild pollinators and become important ecological corridors

    Currently, the “Pollinator friendly” municipalities are: 
  • ARE YOU A FARMER? LIFE4Pollinators has developed a code of conduct: sign it and you will receive the pollinator-friendly farm certificate. Agro-ecosystems are priority habitats for the conservation of insects: the project wants to increase farms that adopt good practices and respect biodiversity!

    The "Pollinator-friendly" farms are:
    Azienda agricola di Maria Cristina Reguzzi, Pianello Val Tidone (PC, Italy)
    Fattoria Ca’ di Sino di Paganini Luca S. Martino in Gattara (RA, Italy)
    Azienda Agricola Orsoni Giacomo, Argelato (BO, Italy) 


  • ARE YOU A SCHOOL? Choose to join our Citizen Science project! The involvement of children is crucial in citizen science data collection. The new generation wants to act NOW! Schools that want to do more to actively protect insects can become Pollinator Friends: contact us for more information at

    The “Pollinator friendly” schools are:
    Liceo Artistico Arcangeli, Bologna (BO, Italy)
    I.I.S. G. Giovagnoli, Sansepolcro (AR, Italy) 
    Scuola Secondaria di I grado Testoni-Fioravanti, IC5, Bologna (BO,Italy)
    Scuola Secondaria di I grado Salvo D'Acquisto, IC3 Lame, Bologna (BO,Italy)

  • ARE YOU AN ASSOCIATION? A COMPANY? Any reality that deals with greenery, education, space management can become Pollinator friendly. Contact us at to find out how to improve the sustainability of your business!

    The other reality that joined the project are:

    Casa di Quartiere 2 Agosto 1980 - Orti Urbani Via Saragozza 142, Bologna (BO, Italy)